Tough day but we dig deep, finish hard and salute

It looked a tough day on paper and after a hat trick of donuts to start the day at Rosehill, we were wary of it possibly not being our day after a very good run in recent months.

However, that was thankfully all to change predominately on the back of our BEST VALUE bet of the day FENWAY upsetting FIRST SEAL in the Vinery Stud Stakes after we secured an excellent $26! This also immediately put our quaddie into a great position after only taking the two of them in the first leg. The end result a $2.2k+ quaddie dividend to end another very profitable day for the Dungeon, pretty much solely on the back of FENWAY and the quaddie as summarised below:

  • Race 1: MOWGLI  @ $18 (E/W): Unwanted in betting, ending up $18 SP which was a concern before they even jumped. Sat last, peeled wide, which was not the place to be and never looked a winning chance, making up little/no ground in the straight. Action actually didn't look great, so hoping there's no issue there. (RESULT = UNPLACED)
  • Race 2: ALL CERISE @ $18 (E/W), CROSS OF GOLD @ $21 (E/W): There was very good money for ALL CERISE after we suggested at $18 and ended up closer to the 11/1 mark. Both settled at the rear and ALL CERISE peeled widest, which again didn't seem the place to be (especially early on), both hit the line okay to end up midfield, but never really looking winning chances. (RESULT = UNPLACED)
  • Race 3: MALAVIO @ $16 (E/W): We wanted him to go forward as mentioned in our summary but Collett unfortunately took him back to last and the race was effectively over given there was minimal pace in the race. Similar to the first two races we were last and peeled widest but despite what we considered a great run to get as close as he did (beaten 2.2L) simply had too much ground to make up. Worth following, as seems to be going well, they obviously prefer him ridden back, so just needs to find the right race with genuine pace up front. (RESULT = UNPLACED)
  • Race 4: AMANPOUR @ $14 (E/W), ANY DAY WILL DO @ $34 (E/W), CATKINS/MADAM GANGSTER (SAVERS/MULTIES): CATKINS too good, AMANPOUR gallant in 2nd, MADAM GANGSTER an eye catcher from towards the rear finishing 4th (definitely worth following), while ANY DAY WILL DO led and gave a kick at the top of the straight, but was simply outclassed late. (RESULT = AMANPOUR 2ND @ $3.20 place, CATKINS WIN for savers/multies)
  • Race 5: LUCKY LAGO @ $34 (E/W): LUCKY LAGO at the rear, simply too far back (was the story of the day especially early on) and actually caught our eye making up some very good ground late, hit the line very well and will be worth following. Unfortunately, was never a chance yesterday after settling too far back. (RESULT = UNPLACED)
  • Race 6: FIRST SEAL @ $2.10 (WIN), **FENWAY** (BEST VALUE OF DAY) (E/W): And boom the day changed. The two mentioned quinelled the race and our great run with BEST VALUE success continues. FENWAY salutes after we secured $26 win and if you played the multiples, $15 quinella, $61 exacta and sounds like some followers took the two into FIELD in trifectas and first fours for brilliant returns. Well played if you played that way. (RESULT = WINNER @ $26)
  • Race 7: LUCIA VALENTINA @ $11 (E/W), HARTNELL, TO THE WORLD (SAVERS/MULTIES): The two favourites were simply too good here with HARTNELL beating TO THE WORLD. LUCIA VALENTINA got back like usual and hit the line well, but doesn't seem to be going as well as her usual self. Eye catcher was WHOSHOTTHEBARMANA who flew home late from the rear and looks set to give the Sydney Cup a huge shake. (RESULT: UNPLACED, HARTNELL WIN, TO THE WORLD 2ND for savers/multies)
  • Race 8: OMEROS @ $7 (E/W), GOULDIAN @ $21 (E/W), *BLADEMEISTER* (BEST LONGSHOT) @ $101 (E/W): At the top of the straight we were sitting pretty and for a split second looked like we we were going to run away with it with OMEROS, but a split second later HAURAKI was on the scene and went straight past for an impressive victory. BLADEMEISTER 7th, GOULDIAN 12th and was never in it. (RESULT: OMEROS 2ND @ $2.50 PLACE)


  • Race 9: PORNICHET @ $4.40 (WIN - PRIMARY), FORETELLER @ $7 (E/W - SECONDARY): PORNICHET absolutely brained them and was winning the lucky last a long way from home. This meant #chickendinner for Dungeon followers whether you were on standalone for the race and/or waiting for either of the two suggestions to win to collect our quaddie suggestion. Great Doncaster trial by PORNICHET. FORETELLER settled further back than expected and made up some ground, but like many on the day, simply got too far back to ever look a winning chance. (RESULT = WINNER @ $4.40)


  • QUADDIE: 1, 10 / 1, 2, 7, 8, 10 / 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 14 / 1, 5: Narrow in the first and last. FENWAY got us off to the perfect start, then in hindsight we didn't need to go so wide in legs 2-3, with those at top of market saluting in HARTNELL and HAURAKI, but it's all easy in hindsight and we wanted the chance of injecting some value if FIRST SEAL was to win the first leg. Then PORNICHET made it an easy watch in the lucky last, with an easy dominant victory. (RESULT: QUADDIE WINNER @ $2479/80 (NSW) / $2312.70 (UNI) / $2211.20 (STAB))


** BEST VALUE **: FENWAY @ $26+ = WINNER!!!


Average odds a MASSIVE $20.29+ per suggested runner and another very profitable day at the office, almost solely on the back of FENWAY and the Rosehill quaddie!