ROLLOVER BET #1 (Autumn 2016 - March 5)

Always hard to work out what to open a new rollover bet with, and in the past have strived for closer to $2 mark, however a few to choose from today at shorter prices in the form of CAPITALIST, PRESS STATEMENT and SIGNOFF.

Have leant on the side of the two year old who looks a superstar in the making and if so should be returning to Golden Slipper favourite after today.


Ideally, be sure to follow the Randwick summary and suggested bet(s) for the race, especially if playing the ROLLOVER.

As always, we don't want to tell you how much to outlay, as $x means a lot more/less for different punters. Be sure to bet within your means, and we will simply use $100 as a guide, however this can be $10 if this is what you are comfortable with. We're all about value betting and the rollover does go against the grain, however the demand is great and we're all about listening to our followers and given them what they are after. Not to mention we made big $$$ in our first rollover, hence some want to see a similar result again. Refer to ( if you want to learn more) Fingers crossed.